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Web Design: Your Personal Branding Platform

Websites are no longer an “online brochure”. They are a core piece of your marketing strategy.

As time rolls on your customers are becoming increasingly mobile. They consume information on mass via their mobile devices, tablets and pc. That’s why when you build a web platform with Thoughtigy we keep responsive design principles at the very centre of our design process ensuring a great experience no matter which device they visit you from.

Landing Pages: Focused On Turning Traffic Into Leads

Have a key product or sales funnel? If you don’t you are missing out on leads.

Landing pages are the norm when it comes to educating your customers around a specific product or service you offer. You want to remove distraction and ensure your potential customer knows exactly why they need your product or service. That’s where landing pages come in.

We happen to be Landing Page experts utilising the latest technologies to ensure a great conversion every time.

Social Media: Take The Stress Out of Growing Your Social Media Channels Organically

Are you posting less than five times a week to each social media channel you have?

If so you’re missing out on developing another core piece of your marketing strategy. Social Media is considered the fastest way to grow an audience for your brand, product or service. We know how hard it can be posting to all your social media channels on a regular basis.

Why not remove the stress and have us manage all your profiles and posts for an ongoing monthly fee. Giving you time to focus on the parts of your business you care about.

Automation: Making Generic Tasks Intelligent Tasks

Everyone has tasks that are monotonous and repetitive. Think now how much time you would have if it was automated?

We are experts in all sorts of business automation whether you’re using a CRM, Microsoft 365, Salesforce or Hubspot. We can help utilise these types more effectively within your business for greater productivity. Leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business

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